All of Scott Shaver’s photographs are hand-made original photographs made to archival museum standards. The black and white images are custom hand-made enlargements printed on fiber based fine art photographic papers. The prints are properly fixed, archivally washed, and selenium toned for permanence and longevity. All prints are mounted on a heavy, 4-ply, 100% cotton rag board with PH neutral mounting tissue. The images are over-matted with a 4-ply cotton rag board window- mat. All photographs are hand signed by the photographer. Limited Edition prints are noted as such.

Scott uses three types of color prints in his exhibitions. These are Type “C” prints, Type “R” prints, and ILFOCHROME / CIBACHROME prints. Type “C” prints are prints made from color negatives. Type “R” prints are the industry standard for prints made from slides of transparencies. CIBACHROME prints are some of the most archival of the color prints and are made from transparencies. All of Scott’s newer color work , including all of the newer prints in the most recent exhibitions, are made using the CIBACHROME process. All color prints are mounted to the same archival standards as the black and white photographs. The frames for these photographs are made from museum quality anodized metal channels securely bolted together.

The majority of the portrait and landscape images produced by Scott Shaver were taken with a 4” X 5” large format camera. The films of choice are Kodak TMAX 100 for the black and white images and Fuji Velvia for the color images.



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